Alex Martin



Alex Martin is CEO at Clearspeed, a technology company dedicated to providing organizations with an entirely new human risk assessment technology, RRA (Remote Risk Assessment). RRA has been deployed in hotspots throughout the world to detect and mitigate potential threats and risk levels, including fraud detection, insider threats, and IP/property theft. 

Prior to founding and launching AC Global, Alex served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a small unit commander in infantry, reconnaissance and special operations units. Upon leaving active duty, he founded a private maritime security company based in Muscat, Oman and later lived and worked in rural Kenya for two years as the Team Leader and Country Manager for Nuru International, a social enterprise dedicated to ending extreme poverty. 

Alex is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Marine Corps Expeditionary Warfare School, Naval Command and Staff College and the Stanford Business School’s IGNITE Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Alex has been featured in many news and media publications including Bloomberg’s The Next Generation of Security Screening for Tech, Yahoo Finance’s Revolutionary Risk Assessment Technology Offers Vetting Solution for Refugee Screening, and C-SPAN’s Magellan Rescue.