Joe Musselman

BVVC Managing Partner


Joe Musselman is an American entrepreneur and investor. He is the Founder and Managing Partner at Bravo Victor Venture Capital or “BV.” A U.S. based inception/early-seed venture capital fund, headquartered in Chicago, IL with operations across the country. Joe is held accountable for the firm’s strategic vision and day-to-day mission operations. He leads all teams at the firm: capital, investment, portfolio, and fund operations. Joe chairs the Investment Committee at BV. He also led the firm’s creation and backing of School/House, a seven-week accelerator experience dedicated to serving national security entrepreneurs. 

Since 2019, across his portfolio universe, Joe has early-seed to early-growth investments into companies such as Tive, X-Bow Systems, Firestorm, Epsilon3, Vatn, Nuview, Spartan Radar, and notable early breakouts such as Anduril ($8.4b), Figure ($1.9b) and Epirus ($1.3b).

“The quality of venture outcomes is in direct proportion to the quality of founders we serve over time. Superior founders recognize superior work ethic. This is how we win. True alpha for our fund is grounded in excellence as a service. What we provide founders must be exceptional.”

— Joe Musselman, Founder/BVVC

Joe has earned the backing of Forbes Midas Touch investors, top technology founders, prestigious institutions, Fortune 100 executives, family offices, and cross-sector leadership icons. Now, alongside this unique ecosystem, BV and its founders are placed at the intersection of the highest-quality VC/PE and leadership in the world. 

Prior to his institutional investing career, Joe was the Founder and CEO of The Honor Foundation ( In under five years he had grown the organization into a seven-thousand person support network on behalf of this mission. Now, THF is recognized as the nation’s premier career transition institute for the U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) communities. With ten campus locations near the Special Operations commands this organization has successfully transitioned over three-thousand operators. Joe is now the Founder, Chairman of an endowment effort called that will support in perpetuity.

Joe is the twentieth man in his family to have served in uniform, dating back to the American Revolutionary War. He served in the U.S. Navy, with every intention of becoming a Navy SEAL. Serious injury prevented that dream from fully forming. He was honorably medically retired from Naval Special Warfare in 2013. 

As a result of his life’s work, Joe has been recognized by multiple global publications. He is a proud graduate from Merit Music Academy (Classical violin), Fenwick High School, and DePaul University. He later received certificates in Non-Profit (Harvard), Design Thinking (Stanford), Science of Well-Being (Yale), and Capital Markets (Pepperdine). Joe lectures at universities often on his favorite topic for young people to consider: The art and science of Teams, Leadership, and Culture (TLC). Joe lives in Chicago, IL with his wife, and two beautiful and strong-willed children, Jackson (4), Sofia (2), and number three, who will arrive on July 4, 2024.