Gene Ebersole

Senior Advisor, Special Operations


Gene Ebersole is the inaugural Associate Fellow with Bravo Victor Venture Capital, or ‘BV,’ where he learns and advises on Capital, Investment, Portfolio Operations, and BV Schoolhouse, the fund’s seven-week accelerator experience.

Before joining the Fund, Gene served as the Chief Innovation Officer and Squadron Commander in a Special Mission Unit under Special Operations Command. His responsibilities included supporting the employment of advanced technology solutions for operations against our nation’s adversaries. Gene managed the development of technologies focusing on surveillance, electronic warfare, robotics, influence activities, offensive-cyber, and other strategic capabilities. He held various roles, including Technical Operations Planner, Technical Operations Troop Commander, and Regional Task Force Technical Operations Director. Gene contributed to some of the nation’s most impactful Department of Defense operations over the last 10 years.

By his retirement in late 2024, Gene will have served 20 years in the United States Army retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer 4. Prior to transitioning to technology, Gene served in various intelligence roles, such as Counterintelligence Officer, Exploitation Officer, Foreign Fighter Repatriation Officer, Interrogator, and Human Intelligence Collector.

Gene is eager to bring his extensive experience to the Fund and intends to be a positive disruptor in current and future government acquisitions processes. His goal is to bridge the gap between the capabilities needed by warfighters and venture capital, identifying, accelerating, and deploying those solutions. With his knowledge of technology, intelligence, government acquisition, and years of operational experience, he aims to ensure investments in the right people and critical technologies. He is also a current fellow in the Special Operators Transition Foundation, a career transition organization for the U.S. Special Operations Forces communities.