Leyla Gladish

Chief of Staff


As the Chief of Staff at BV, Leyla Gladish plays a pivotal role in supporting day-to-day operations and ensuring seamless execution of strategies within the firm. Before joining BV, Leyla contributed her expertise in portfolio integration to the Network and Cyber Security Division under the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare/Director of Naval Intelligence. In this role, she oversaw the resourcing of critical capabilities such as intelligence, cyber warfare, command and control, electronic warfare, battle management, oceanography, and meteorology.

Leyla’s professional journey includes serving as a Navy civilian in Naples, Italy, where she worked in the Strategy and Future Requirements directorate. In this capacity, she managed plans and programming for warfighter requirements across nine installations, 11 Cooperative Security Locations, two Contingency Locations, and six U.S. National Support Elements extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Gulf and from Northern Europe into Africa.

Leyla has a diverse background that spans non-profit work, education administration, and real estate. She is an alumna of James Madison University and holds master’s degrees from the University of Salamanca in Spain and George Mason University.